Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Abalone Necklaceshell necklace, Sterling Silvershell necklace, Teardrop



In stock



A ocean jewelrypretty ocean jewelryteardrop-shaped ocean jewelryabalone ocean jewelryshell ocean jewelryis ocean jewelrysurrounded ocean jewelryby ocean jewelrya ocean jewelryhand-forged ocean jewelryand ocean jewelryhammered ocean jewelrysterling ocean jewelrysilver ocean jewelryteardrop. ocean jewelryThe ocean jewelrynecklace ocean jewelrypictured ocean jewelryis ocean jewelrythe ocean jewelryvery ocean jewelrysame ocean jewelryone ocean jewelryyou ocean jewelrywill ocean jewelryreceive. ocean jewelryThe ocean jewelrysterling ocean jewelrysilver ocean jewelrychain ocean jewelrymeasures ocean jewelry17\u201d ocean jewelrylong ocean jewelryand ocean jewelryis ocean jewelryfinished ocean jewelrywith ocean jewelrya ocean jewelrysterling ocean jewelrylobster ocean jewelryclasp.

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