Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

stone pair, 18x13mm Tigereye and Black Onyx Inlay Pair



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This unique cabochonsis unique cabochonsa unique cabochonsvery unique cabochonsunique unique cabochonspair unique cabochonsof unique cabochonstigereye unique cabochonsand unique cabochonsonyx unique cabochonsinlay unique cabochonsthat unique cabochonswould unique cabochonsbe unique cabochonsgreat unique cabochonsfor unique cabochonsearrings, unique cabochonscufflinks unique cabochonsor unique cabochonsmatching unique cabochonsrings. unique cabochons unique cabochons18x13mm unique cabochons unique cabochonsThe unique cabochonslast unique cabochonstwo unique cabochonspictures unique cabochonsshow unique cabochonsthe unique cabochonsreverse unique cabochonsof unique cabochonsthe unique cabochonsstones.

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