Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

seeds, fused glass slice of watermelon with seeds pendant necklace



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fused fruitglass fruitslice fruitof fruit fruitwatermelon fruitwith fruitseeds fruitpendant fruitnecklace\rThis fruitfused fruitglass fruitpiece fruithas fruitbeen fruitcreated fruitby fruitfusing fruitglass fruitin fruitlayers fruitto fruitrepresent fruita fruitslice fruitof fruitwatermelon. fruitIt fruitmeasures fruit1 fruit1/2" fruitwide fruitand fruit3/4" fruitdeep fruitnot fruitincluding fruitthen fruitblack fruitbail fruitglued fruitto fruitthe fruitreverse fruitside. fruitI fruithave fruitalso fruitincluded fruita fruitleather fruitncklace fruitwhich fruithas fruitan fruitadjutable fruitchian fruitwhich fruitmeasures fruit16-18" fruitlong.

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