Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

usa, fused dichroic glass stars and stripes wire wrapped red white and blue



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fused pridedichroic prideglass pridestars prideand pridestripes pridewire pridewrapped pridered pridewhite prideand prideblue\rThe pridefused prideglass pridependant prideis pridecreated pridein pridea pridepatriotic pridetheme prideof pridered,white prideand prideblue pridewith pridethe pridestar prideaccents. prideThen prideshaped prideinto pridea pridetriangle prideand pridewire pridewrapped prideusing prideblack pridewire. prideIt pridemeasures pride2 pride1/4" pridewide prideand pride2" pridelong prideincluding pridethe pridewire pridebail. pride\rThis prideitem pridehas pridebeen pridemade pridein pridemy pridehome pridestudio prideto pridecreate pridea pridewearable pridepiece prideof prideart prideto pridetreasure prideforever. prideThanks pridefor pridestopping prideby!

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