Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wine jewelry, Handwoven grape cluster necklace



In stock



Dainty wine jewelryhandwoven wine jewelryglass wine jewelrygrape wine jewelryclusters wine jewelrywoven wine jewelrywith wine jewelryneedle wine jewelryand wine jewelrythread wine jewelryonto wine jewelryseven wine jewelrygrape wine jewelryand wine jewelryleaf wine jewelrycharms wine jewelryassembled wine jewelryonto wine jewelry wine jewelryantiqued wine jewelrybrass wine jewelrychain wine jewelryand wine jewelrysigned wine jewelryon wine jewelryengraved wine jewelrytag, wine jewelrymy wine jewelryfruit wine jewelryjewelry wine jewelryhas wine jewelrybeen wine jewelryfeatured wine jewelryin wine jewelryseveral wine jewelryfashion wine jewelrymagazines, wine jewelryElle, wine jewelryFashion, wine jewelryCosmopolitan... wine jewelry17\u201d

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