Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

upcycled, Retro Tomado vintage tin long necklace



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This long necklaceis long necklacea long necklacefun long necklaceand long necklacecolorful long necklacevintage long necklacetin long necklacenecklace long necklacemeasuring long necklace32 long necklaceinches long necklacein long necklacelength. long necklaceCenterpiece long necklaceis long necklacemade long necklacefrom long necklacean long necklaceold long necklaceTomado long necklacecontainer, long necklacebeads long necklaceare long necklacepurple long necklaceglass, long necklacesuede long necklaceand long necklacebrass long necklacechain long necklacefinish long necklaceit long necklaceoff. long necklaceConvo long necklacewith long necklaceany long necklacequestions!

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