Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, KittyD Malachite Sterling Wire Wrapped Pendant Artisan OOAK



In stock



KittyD artisan jewelryMalachite artisan jewelrySterling artisan jewelryWire artisan jewelryWrapped artisan jewelryPendant artisan jewelryArtisan artisan jewelryOOAKI artisan jewelrycreated artisan jewelrythis artisan jewelrypendant artisan jewelryfrom artisan jewelrythis artisan jewelryamazing artisan jewelryunique artisan jewelrycabochon artisan jewelrythat artisan jewelryI artisan jewelrypurchased artisan jewelryfrom artisan jewelryan artisan jewelryAmerican artisan jewelrylapidary artisan jewelryartist, artisan jewelryJeanne artisan jewelryRhodes-Moen. artisan jewelryThe artisan jewelrypendant artisan jewelrymeasures artisan jewelry2 artisan jewelryinches artisan jewelrylong, artisan jewelry artisan jewelryby artisan jewelry7/8 artisan jewelrywide. artisan jewelryI artisan jewelrywill artisan jewelryinclude artisan jewelrya artisan jewelrySterling artisan jewelrychain artisan jewelrywith artisan jewelrypurchase.

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