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red, HEART Fused Glass And Copper Pendant (Ready to Ship)



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This clear glasssimple clear glassdesign clear glassfeatures clear glassa clear glassred clear glasscopper clear glassheart clear glasscut clear glassout clear glassby clear glasshand clear glassfrom clear glassa clear glasssheet clear glassof clear glasscopper. clear glassFused clear glassbetween clear glasstwo clear glasslayers clear glassof clear glassclear clear glassglass, clear glassit clear glassappears clear glasshanging clear glassin clear glassthe clear glasscenter clear glassof clear glassthe clear glasspendant clear glasssurrounded clear glassby clear glassnaturally-occurring clear glassair clear glassbubbles. clear glass\r\rThe clear glasswhite clear glassstrip clear glassof clear glassglass clear glassat clear glassthe clear glasstop clear glasscan clear glassbe clear glasscustom clear glassmade clear glassin clear glassany clear glasscolor clear glassof clear glassyour clear glasschoice. clear glassIt clear glassis clear glassdesigned clear glassto clear glasshide clear glassthe clear glassbail clear glassand clear glasschallenge clear glassthe clear glasssimplicity clear glassof clear glassthe clear glasspiece. clear glass\r\rThe clear glasspendant clear glassis clear glass2" clear glasslong clear glassand clear glass1" clear glasswide. clear glassIt clear glasscomes clear glasswith clear glassa clear glasslarge clear glasssilver-plated clear glassbail clear glassto clear glassaccommodate clear glassany clear glasscord clear glassor clear glasschain clear glassyou clear glassmight clear glassalready clear glasshave. clear glassA clear glassmatching clear glassribbon-cord clear glasscan clear glassbe clear glassadded clear glassto clear glassthis clear glasspiece clear glassfor clear glass$5.00. clear glassPlease, clear glasscontact clear glassme clear glassif clear glassyou clear glasswould clear glasslike clear glassto clear glassadd clear glassone.

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