Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

etsymetalteam, Sterling Silver Oak Leaf Pendant on a 24 inch chain



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A small pendanthandforged small pendantsterling small pendantsilver small pendantoak small pendantleaf small pendanton small pendanta small pendant24 small pendantinch small pendantsterling small pendantsilver small pendantrolo small pendantchain.The small pendantpendant small pendantmeasures small pendantalmost small pendant1-1/2 small pendantinches small pendantlong. small pendant small pendantIt small pendantwas small pendantcompletely small pendanthandcrafted small pendantin small pendantmy small pendantMichigan small pendantstudio, small pendantsawn small pendantout small pendantand small pendanthammered small pendantto small pendantshape.

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