Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ring, Chevron Ring in Sterling Silver



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These ringsterling ringsilver ringrings ringare ringgreat ringfor ringstacking ringwith ringour ringmessage ringrings!If ringyou ringneed ringto ringfigure ringout ringyour ringring ringsize, ringconsider ringordering ringa ringAdjustable ringFinger ringGauge ringbefore ringplacing ringyour ringorder. ringThis ringring ringis ringonly ringavailable ringin ring4 ringfull ringsizes ringlisted ringabove.Please ringallow ring1 ringweek ringfor ringdelivery. ring ring ring ring ringSterling ringsilver ring ring ring ringBright ringand ringshiny ringfinishExchange ringPolicyAll ringsales ringare ringnon-refundable. ringI ringam ringhappy ringto ringaccept ringexchanges ringup ringto ring10 ringdays ringafter ringthe ringdate ringof ringthe ringpurchase. ringIf ringthe ringpiece ringhas ringbeen ringworn, ringor ringis ringdamaged, ringI ringwill ringnot ringbe ringable ringexchange ringthe ringpieces.

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