Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho, Stars and Drops Beaded Necklace



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Black black beadsglass black beadsbeads black beadshung black beadswith black beadssilver black beadscharms black beadsof black beadsstars, black beadsmoons, black beadsand black beadsdrops.A black beadstotal black beadscutie black beadsof black beadsa black beadsnecklace, black beadsfeaturing black beadsblack black beadsbeads, black beadssilver black beadscharms, black beadsand black beadsa black beadslong black beadshanging black beadslook. black beadsGreat black beadsfor black beadslayering, black beadscan black beadsbe black beadsdoubled black beadsup black beadsfor black beadsa black beadschoker black beadslook.Understated black beadsyet black beadscharming, black beadsand black beadswould black beadsmake black beadsa black beadsgreat black beadsgift! black beadsA black beadspiece black beadsfor black beadsbirthdays, black beadsteens, black beadsor black beadsany black beadsperson black beadsin black beadsyour black beadslife black beadschasing black beadsthe black beadsbohemian black beadsfeel.Length: black beads74 black beadsinches.

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