Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

onyx, Polki Kundan High Quality Bangles/Ruby/Emerald/Solid Jadau Bangle Pair/Hyderabadi Bangles in Polki Kundan first Time New Design in Polki



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A pearlunique pearland pearlnew pearldesign pearlhyderabadi pearlpolki pearljadau pearlbangles pearl/bangles pearlwith pearlRuby pearland pearlEmerald pearlwork/ pearlThis pearlcomes pearlin pearlpairIndian pearlbridal pearlwedding pearljewelry pearl100% pearlHandmadePacked pearlin pearla pearlnice pearlbox pearlwith pearlcotton pearllining. pearlBest pearlfor pearlgifting pearlto pearlloved pearlones..A pearlpersonal pearlnote pearlfor pearlyour pearlloved pearlones pearlcan pearlbe pearladded.*Since pearlthis pearlis pearl100% pearlHandmade pearljewelry. pearlSo pearlColor, pearlshades, pearltexture pearldisplayed pearlmay pearlslightly pearlvary pearlfrom pearlthe pearlactual pearlproduct pearldue pearlto pearldigital pearlimage pearllimitations. pearlWe pearlrequest pearlyou pearlto pearlconsider pearlthese pearlminor pearlvariations. pearlPlease pearlexpect pearlthe pearlpossibility pearlof pearlsome pearlslight pearlimperfections pearlwhen pearlbuying pearlhand pearlmade pearljewelry. pearlIf pearlyou pearlhave pearlany pearlquestions, pearlplease pearlmessage pearlor pearlemail pearlus.

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