Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Beaded Flower Brooch/Pin- Colorpin, Pink and Orange



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This springlovely springflower springbrooch springwas springdesigned springand springhandmade springby springme. springLots springof springtiny springseedbeads springare springintricately springstitched springtogether springto springmake springthis springpretty springpin. springThis springone springis springpink, springwith springorangey, springpeachy springaccent springbeads. springThis springpretty springbrooch springmeasures springa springtad springover spring2 springinches, springand springattaches springwith springa springbar springstyle springpin springback. springFree springShipping springto springthe springU.S.!Thanks springfor springlooking! springHave springa springlovely springday! spring\ud83c\udf38\ud83d\udc95

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