Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sweet Lampwork Teddy Bead Charmclip on charm, Sterling Silver Lobster Clip on Claspclip on charm, SRAclip on charm, Cute Teddy Charmclip on charm, Handmade in Sweden



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I sterling silverhave sterling silvera sterling silverpassion sterling silverfor sterling silverglass sterling silverin sterling silverall sterling silverit\u00b4s sterling silverforms sterling silverand sterling silverwork sterling silverboth sterling silverwith sterling silverlampwork, sterling silverfused sterling silverand sterling silverblown sterling silverglass. sterling silverThese sterling silvercute sterling silverteddy sterling silverbear sterling silvercharm sterling silveris sterling silverpart sterling silverof sterling silvermy sterling silverlampwork sterling silverbead sterling silverrange sterling silvermade sterling silverby sterling silverme sterling silverin sterling silvermy sterling silverlittle sterling silverlampworking sterling silverstudio sterling silverin sterling silverthe sterling silverforest sterling silverof sterling silverSweden. sterling silverThe sterling silverlittle sterling silverteddy sterling silverbead sterling silverwas sterling silvershaped sterling silvercompletely sterling silverfor sterling silverhand, sterling silverwhich sterling silvermakes sterling silverevery sterling silverbead sterling silverunique sterling silverand sterling silverslightly sterling silverdifferent sterling silverfrom sterling silverthe sterling silverother. sterling silverThe sterling silverteddy sterling silverwas sterling silvermade sterling silverfrom sterling silvertransparent sterling silverdark sterling silveramber sterling silverand sterling silverivory sterling silverglass sterling silverwith sterling silvera sterling silverblack sterling silvernose sterling silverand sterling silvereyes. sterling silverThe sterling silvercharm sterling silverwas sterling silvermade sterling silverwith sterling silversterling sterling silversilver sterling silverfindings sterling silverand sterling silverfastens sterling silverwith sterling silvera sterling silver10 sterling silvermm sterling silver/ sterling silver0,4 sterling silverinches sterling silverSterling sterling silversilver sterling silverlobster sterling silverclip sterling silveron sterling silverclasp sterling silverand sterling silverwill sterling silverfit sterling silveran sterling silveropen sterling silverlink sterling silvercharm sterling silverbracelet, sterling silvera sterling silvernecklace sterling silveror sterling silveryou sterling silvercan sterling silverattach sterling silverit sterling silverto sterling silvera sterling silverbag sterling silveror sterling silvera sterling silverzip sterling silverfastener. sterling silverDimensions sterling silverof sterling silverthe sterling silverglass sterling silverteddy sterling silverbead:Height: sterling silver15mm sterling silver/ sterling silver0,6inchWidth: sterling silver15mm sterling silver0,6 sterling silverinchThe sterling silverwhole sterling silvercharm sterling silvermeasures sterling silverapproximately sterling silver30 sterling silvermm sterling silver/ sterling silver1,8 sterling silverinch. sterling silverAll sterling silverof sterling silvermy sterling silverbeads sterling silverare sterling silvermade sterling silverwith sterling silverlove sterling silverand sterling silvercare sterling silverand sterling silverproperly sterling silverkiln sterling silverannealed sterling silverdirectly sterling silverfrom sterling silverthe sterling silverflame sterling silverfor sterling silverstrength sterling silverand sterling silverdurability. sterling silverThanks sterling silverfor sterling silverlooking!Marianne sterling silver:0)

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