Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Heavy 1930’s VICTORIAN Revival Pin / 30s Sash Pin / 40’s Brooch with Faceted AMBER Glass Stonescostume jewelry, Fabulous Large ANTIQUE Brooch



In stock



This costume jewelryunique, costume jewelry1930\u2019s costume jewelryVictorian costume jewelryrevival costume jewelrypiece costume jewelryis costume jewelrywonderfully costume jewelrymade costume jewelryof costume jewelrygoldtone costume jewelrymetal costume jewelrywith costume jewelrypearls costume jewelryin costume jewelryflowers, costume jewelryrhinestones costume jewelryand costume jewelrylarge, costume jewelryglass costume jewelrystones. costume jewelryThe costume jewelryantique costume jewelrydesign costume jewelryfeatures costume jewelryamber costume jewelrycolored costume jewelrystones costume jewelrythat costume jewelryare costume jewelryfaceted costume jewelryand costume jewelrybezel costume jewelryset costume jewelryin costume jewelrya costume jewelryunique, costume jewelrythree costume jewelrydimensional costume jewelrydesign. costume jewelryIt costume jewelryis costume jewelryvery costume jewelryheavy. costume jewelryFrom costume jewelryearly costume jewelry1930\u2019s.It costume jewelryhas costume jewelrya costume jewelryworking costume jewelrysafety costume jewelryclasp costume jewelryon costume jewelrythe costume jewelryback. costume jewelryWonderfully costume jewelryshowing costume jewelryit's costume jewelryantique costume jewelryage costume jewelrywith costume jewelrypatina costume jewelryon costume jewelrythe costume jewelryback costume jewelryand costume jewelryfront. costume jewelryThere costume jewelryis costume jewelrysome costume jewelryedge costume jewelrywear costume jewelryon costume jewelrythis costume jewelrylovely costume jewelrypiece costume jewelrybut costume jewelryit costume jewelrydoesn\u2019t costume jewelrytake costume jewelryaway costume jewelryfrom costume jewelryits costume jewelrybeauty. costume jewelryI costume jewelrylove costume jewelrythis costume jewelrypiece! costume jewelryIt's costume jewelrygreat costume jewelryfor costume jewelrya costume jewelrymen's costume jewelryor costume jewelrywomen's costume jewelrySteampunk costume jewelrystyle costume jewelryoutfit!Measures costume jewelryapproximately costume jewelry2 costume jewelry5/6" costume jewelryacross costume jewelryand costume jewelry1 costume jewelry3/4" costume jewelryin costume jewelryheight.

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