Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1950s earrings, 1950s Novelty Lucite Earrings -- Tiny Square Dancers Encased in Lucite with Rhinestone Frames!



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Tiny lucitedancers luciteencased lucitein lucitecute! luciteThis luciteset luciteis lucitedarling lucitebut luciteunfortunately lucitenot lucitefree lucitefrom luciteissues. luciteThere luciteis lucitesome lucitegreen lucitecorrosion luciteto lucitesome luciteareas luciteof lucitethe luciterhinestone luciteframes luciteand lucitesome luciteof lucitethe lucitestones lucitehave lucitediscolored lucitewith luciteage. luciteOne luciteof lucitethe luciteclip luciteback luciteearrings luciteisn't luciteas lucitetight luciteas luciteit luciteonce lucitewas. luciteExamples luciteof lucitethe luciteflaws lucitecan lucitebe luciteseen lucitein lucitethe lucitephotos. luciteI lucitehave lucitenoted lucitethe luciteissues luciteand lucitepriced lucitethis luciteset luciteaccordingly. lucitePlease luciteconvo luciteme lucitewith luciteany lucitequestions lucitethat luciteyou lucitemay lucitehave. luciteThanks lucitefor lucitelooking!

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