Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gift for her, Long Statement Necklace - Shades of Teal - Eclectic Bead Mix - Necklace for Women



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Long crystalstatement crystalnecklace crystalin crystalpredominantly crystalshades crystalof crystalteal. crystal crystalEclectic crystalmix crystalof crystalbeads. crystal crystalGlass, crystalcrystal, crystalpearl, crystalstone, crystaland crystalshell crystalbeads. crystal crystalFastens crystalwith crystala crystalsterling crystalsilver crystallobster crystalclasp. crystal crystalMeasures crystal39 crystal1/2 crystalinches crystallong. crystal crystalWrap crystalit crystalaround crystaltwice crystalfor crystala crystalgreat crystaldouble crystalstrand crystallook!Gift crystalbox crystalincluded.

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