Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

kenneth j lane, Kenneth J Lane Signed Kjl Gold Tone Triple Carved Scarab Stone Choker Necklace



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Kenneth gold toneJ gold toneLane gold toneSigned gold toneKjl gold toneGold gold toneTone gold toneTriple gold toneCarved gold toneScarab gold toneStone gold toneChoker gold toneNecklace. gold toneShipped gold tonewith gold toneUSPS gold toneFirst gold toneClass gold tonePackage.Please gold tonerefer gold toneto gold tonepictures gold tonefor gold tonea gold tonebetter gold tonedescription gold toneof gold tonecondition gold toneand gold tonemeasurements gold toneand gold tonefeel gold tonefree gold toneto gold tonemessage gold toneme gold toneif gold toneyou gold tonehave gold toneany gold tonequestions gold tone:)

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