Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Blue Opalblue opal, Moonstone and Pearl 14K Gold Fill Necklace



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Blue pearlOpal pearlwrapped pearlin pearl14k pearlgold pearlfilled pearlwire pearlon pearla pearlbeautiful pearldainty pearltextured pearl14k pearlgold pearlfilled pearlchain. pearlNecklace pearlis pearlfinished pearlwith pearlMoonstone pearlgems pearland pearla pearlwhite pearlfreshwater pearlpearl pearlin pearlthe pearlback.Length pearlis pearl16" pearland pearlcan pearlextend pearlto pearl17"*******************************************************THE pearlMATERIALS> pearlBlue pearlOpal, pearlMoonstone, pearlFreshwater pearlPearl> pearlStone pearlShapes: pearlirregular, pearlsmooth pearland pearlfaceted> pearl14k pearlGold pearlFilled pearlChain, pearlWire pearl& pearlClasp*******************************************************GIFT pearlWRAPAll pearlpurchases pearlcome pearlready pearlfor pearlgift pearlgiving pearlin pearla pearlribbon pearltied pearlsquare pearlenvelope. pearlIf pearlthis pearlis pearla pearlgift pearlplease pearllet pearlme pearlknow pearlso pearlI pearlcan pearltag pearlyour pearlpurchase pearlwithout pearla pearlprice pearllisted.*******************************************************DESIGNLike pearlthis pearldesign pearlbut pearlwant pearlit pearlin pearla pearldifferent pearlcolor, pearlshape pearlor pearlsize? pearlSend pearlme pearla pearlmessage pearlfor pearla pearlcustom pearlorder pearland pearlget pearlexactly pearlwhat pearlyou pearlwant!

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