Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gothic angel, Cemetery Angel Pendant Necklace



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Black angel necklaceand angel necklaceWhite angel necklaceAngel angel necklaceStatue angel necklacePhotograph angel necklaceset angel necklacein angel necklacean angel necklaceAntique angel necklaceSilver angel necklaceMetal angel necklaceTray angel necklaceWith angel necklaceA angel necklaceGlass angel necklaceCabochon angel necklaceOver angel necklacethe angel necklaceImage.Necklace angel necklaceis angel necklacehandmade angel necklacewith angel necklacea angel necklacecemetery angel necklaceart angel necklacephotograph angel necklacetaken angel necklaceby angel necklaceJan angel necklaceCasper angel necklace(me)Pendant angel necklaceis angel necklaceapprox. angel necklace30mmx40mmchain angel necklaceis angel necklace24"

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