Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

handmade, Blue Onyx Necklace



In stock



This wire wrappedone-of-a-kind wire wrappedhandmade wire wrappedheady wire wrappedpendant wire wrappedis wire wrappeda wire wrappedreal wire wrappedstatement wire wrappedpiece wire wrappedand wire wrappedfeatures wire wrappeda wire wrappedbeautiful wire wrappedpolished wire wrappedBlue wire wrappedOnyx wire wrappedcabochon. wire wrapped wire wrappedI've wire wrappedwrapped wire wrappedthe wire wrappedpendant wire wrappedin wire wrappedpure wire wrappedCopper wire wrappedwire wire wrappedwhich wire wrappedI've wire wrappedantiqued wire wrappedand wire wrappedpolished wire wrappedto wire wrappedhighlight wire wrappedthe wire wrappeddetails wire wrappedof wire wrappedthe wire wrappedwire wire wrappedwork. wire wrappedI've wire wrappedalso wire wrappedsealed wire wrappedthe wire wrappedpendant wire wrappedto wire wrappedprevent wire wrappedtarnishing. wire wrappedThis wire wrappedpendant wire wrappedmeasures wire wrappedapproximately wire wrapped3.25" wire wrappedfrom wire wrappedtop wire wrappedof wire wrappedbail wire wrappedto wire wrappedbottom wire wrappedof wire wrappedpendant wire wrappedand wire wrappedis wire wrappedapproximately wire wrapped1.25" wire wrappedwide. wire wrappedA wire wrappedfree wire wrappednecklace wire wrappedis wire wrappedincluded: wire wrappedchoose wire wrappedfrom wire wrappeda wire wrappedmatching wire wrappedcopper wire wrappedchain wire wrappedor wire wrappeda wire wrappedblack wire wrappedsatin wire wrappedcord, wire wrappedjust wire wrappedpick wire wrappedyour wire wrappedpreference wire wrappedand wire wrappedlength wire wrappedduring wire wrappedcheckout. wire wrapped*Note wire wrappedthat wire wrappedchains wire wrappedin wire wrappedexcess wire wrappedof wire wrapped20" wire wrappedwill wire wrappedhave wire wrappeda wire wrappedsmall wire wrappedsurcharge.Gemstone wire wrappedSymbology:Blue wire wrappedOnyx wire wrappedis wire wrappedrelated wire wrappedto wire wrappedthe wire wrappedThroat wire wrappedChakra wire wrappedand wire wrappedhas wire wrappedthe wire wrappedfollowing wire wrappedproperties wire wrappedthat wire wrappedare wire wrappedinherent wire wrappedto wire wrappedall wire wrappedtypes wire wrappedof wire wrappedOnyx. wire wrappedOnyx wire wrappedStone wire wrappedis wire wrappeda wire wrappedstrength-giving wire wrappedstone, wire wrappedgiving wire wrappedyou wire wrappedsupport wire wrappedin wire wrappeddifficult wire wrappedor wire wrappedconfusing wire wrappedtimes, wire wrappedas wire wrappedwell wire wrappedas wire wrappedduring wire wrappedtimes wire wrappedof wire wrappedenormous wire wrappedmental wire wrappedor wire wrappedphysical wire wrappedstress.*Shipping wire wrappedincludes wire wrappedinsurance

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