Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

scatter pin, 6 Vintage Miniature Figural Scatter Pins or Small Brooches DESTASH Lot



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Here broochare brooch3 broochpairs broochof broochminiature broochvintage broochscatter broochpins, broochall broochfeaturing broochcolorful broochrhinestones. brooch broochThey broochare broochall broochin broochclean broochand broochwearable broochcondition, broochwith broochno broochmissing broochstones broochand broochno broochloss broochof broochfinish. brooch broochGreat broochto broochwear broochor broochfor broochcraft broochprojects. brooch broochAll broochto broochgo. brooch broochThanks broochfor broochlooking.

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