Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

floral, Vintage Malachite and Sterling Silver Leaf Design Ring



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Sara ovalJewelry ovalDesign ovalVintage ovalVisions. ovalHere ovalis ovala ovalbeautiful ovalsterling ovalsilver ovalleaf ovaldesign ovalring ovalwith ovala ovalmatte-finish ovalcentral ovalmalachite ovaloval ovalcabochon. ovalThe ovalstone ovalis ovalapproximately oval14x7mm.Lovely ovaldetail ovaland ovalthe ovalring ovalis ovalin ovalgood ovalcondition. ovalThere ovalis ovalsome ovaltilting ovalto ovalthe ovalwire ovalshank; ovalhowever, ovalit ovallooks ovalas ovalif ovalit ovalmight ovalhave ovalbeen ovalmade ovalthat ovalway ovalon ovalpurpose.Excellent ovaloxidation ovaldetail ovalwork ovaland ovala ovalvery ovalattractive ovalstyle. ovalSize oval5-1/4.Sara ovalJewelry ovalDesign. ovalYour ovalDesire ovalis ovalOur ovalDesign.

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