Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Aquarmarineaquamarine, Freshwater Pearls and Larvakite Necklace



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This lapisbeautiful lapisnecklace lapisuses lapislarge lapisand lapislovely lapisaquamarine lapisbeads, lapislarvakite lapis(also lapisknown lapisas lapisblack lapislabradorite), lapislapis lapislazuli lapisrounds, lapislarge lapisribbed lapisfreshwater lapispearls lapisand lapiscloud lapisquartz lapistabs. lapisAll lapisfindings lapisare lapiscopper lapisand lapiscopper lapisplate. lapisThis lapisnecklace lapisdoes lapisNOT lapishave lapisa lapisclasp.Necklace lapisLength: lapis28 lapis3/4"Pendant lapisLength: lapisn/aMeaning lapisof lapisthe lapisStones:Pearls lapishave lapisbeen lapisknown lapisto lapishelp lapisbring lapispeace lapisand lapistranquility lapisto lapisthe lapiswearer; lapisaquamarine lapisenhances lapiscommunication lapisand lapisencourages lapiscreative lapisverbal lapisexpression; lapislarvakite lapisis lapisa lapisprotective lapisand lapishealing lapisstone; lapislapis lapislazuli lapissoothes lapismigraines lapisand lapisheadaches lapisand lapispromotes lapiscourage; lapiscloud lapisquartz lapisis lapisa lapisbalancing lapisand lapisgrounding lapisstone.Additional lapisInformation:It's lapisready lapisfor lapisgift lapisgiving lapisin lapisa lapisbox lapisnestled lapisinside lapisan lapisorganza lapispouch.Each lapispiece lapiswas lapisindividually lapismade lapiswith lapislove lapisin lapismy lapisstudio lapisin lapisWisconsin. lapisThis lapisnecklace lapisis lapisone lapisof lapisa lapiskind!All lapisprops, lapisincluding lapisthe lapiscrystals lapisin lapisthe lapisphotos, lapisare lapisnot lapisincluded. lapis:)All lapisitems lapisusually lapisship lapiswithin lapisa lapisweek. lapisIf lapisyou lapisneed lapisit lapisquickly, lapisplease lapispurchase lapisthe lapisUSPS lapispriority lapisshipping lapisupgrade, lapis(USA lapisonly). lapisThank lapisyou!

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