Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wire wrap, Banded Jasper Wire Wrapped Pendant. Neutral Earth Tones. Muted Color. Everyday Necklace



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Pendant jasper jewelrylength jasper jewelry2 jasper jewelry1/4 jasper jewelryinchesPendant jasper jewelrywidth jasper jewelry1 jasper jewelry1/2 jasper jewelryinches"Unknown jasper jewelryFactor" jasper jewelryfeatures jasper jewelrya jasper jewelrybanded jasper jewelryjasper jasper jewelrypendant jasper jewelrywrapped jasper jewelryand jasper jewelrywoven jasper jewelryin jasper jewelryvintage jasper jewelrybronze jasper jewelryparawire jasper jewelrywith jasper jewelrygreen jasper jewelryline jasper jewelryjasper jasper jewelryand jasper jewelrycrystal jasper jewelryaccents. jasper jewelryComes jasper jewelryon jasper jewelryeither jasper jewelryan jasper jewelry18 jasper jewelryinch jasper jewelryor jasper jewelry24 jasper jewelryinch jasper jewelrybrass jasper jewelrychain.

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