Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cassiopeia, Brass Cassiopeia necklace



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A starshandmade starsresin starspendant starsset starsin starsa starsbrass starsbezel. starsThe starsbrightest starsstars starsof starsthe starsconstellation starsCassiopeia starsare starsrepresented starsby starsthe starstiniest starsmetallic starsgold starsmicro starsbeads.\u25b2D starsE starsT starsA starsI starsL starsS\u25b2- starsCharm starsis starsset starsin starsbrass starson starsan stars18 starsinch starsbrass starschain- starsEach starsnecklace starsis starshandmade starsto starsorder- starsPlease starskeep starsnecklace starsdry starsand starshandle starswith starscare- starsTo starsclean, starslightly starspolish starswith starsa starssoft starscotton starscloth\u25b2 starsH starsA starsN starsD starsM starsA starsD starsE\u25b2> starsThere starswill starsbe starsslight starsdifferences starsin starsbrass starstones starsand starsimperfections starsfrom starspiece starsto starspiece. stars> starsEach starsnecklace starsis starsunique starsand starsperfectly starsimperfect!All starsof starsmy starsjewelry starscomes starspackaged starsin starsa starslittle starsbox starssuitable starsfor starsgifting. starsI starsam starshappy starsto starswrite starsa starshandwritten starsnote starsto starsyour starsloved starsone starsif starsdesired. starsPlease starsfeel starsfree starsto starsconvo starsme starswith starsany starsquestions starsyou starsmay starshave!-Marie\u25b2 starsBrowse starsaround:http://www.roseandanchor.CURRENT starsSHIP starsTIMES, starsSS stars2020:Constellation stars& starsResin starsJewelry: stars7 stars- stars10 starsdays starsfrom starspurchaseEverything starsElse: stars5 stars- stars7 starsdays starsfrom starspurchaseIf starsyou starsneed starsanything starsupgraded starsto starspriority starsshipping, starsplease starssend starsme starsa starsmessage!

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