Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

repurposed, Floral double sided navy beaded necklace



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This upcycledis upcycleda upcycledfun upcycleddouble upcycledsided upcyclednecklace upcycledmeasuring upcycled20 upcycledinches upcycledin upcycledlength upcycledbut upcycledcan upcycledbe upcycledadjusted upcycledto upcycledbe upcycledsmaller. upcycledOne upcycledside upcycledhas upcycleda upcycledpink upcycledand upcycledpurple upcycledvintage upcycledtin upcycledpattern upcycledand upcycledthe upcycledother upcycledside upcycledis upcycleda upcycledbeautiful upcycledblueberry upcycledand upcycledpartial upcycleddaisy upcycledprint. upcycledBoth upcycledare upcycledvintage upcycledtin upcycledand upcycledcovered upcycledwith upcycledresin. upcycledConvo upcycledwith upcycledany upcycledquestions!

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