Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sky, Celestial Lady with moon and star Nighttime Goddess Pendant



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This wiccanis wiccana wiccanhandmade wiccanpendant, wiccanof wiccana wiccanlady wiccanwith wiccana wiccancrescent wiccanmoon wiccanand wiccanstar. wiccan wiccanEach wiccanpendant wiccanis wiccanmade wiccanour wiccanof wiccanclay wiccanand wiccanhand wiccanpainted, wiccansealed wiccanthen wiccanwire wiccanwrapped.\r\rPendants wiccanmeasure wiccanapproximately wiccan3.25 wiccaninches wiccantall wiccan(including wiccanthe wiccanbail) wiccanand wiccan1 wiccan7/8 wiccaninches wiccanwide.\r\rThis wiccanpendant wiccanis wiccanon wiccana wiccantemporary wiccansale wiccanand wiccancan wiccango wiccanback wiccanup wiccanto wiccanits wiccannormal wiccanprice wiccanof wiccan$45 wiccanat wiccanany wiccantime wiccanso wiccanbuy wiccanit wiccannow wiccanand wiccansave!

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