Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

harry potter, OWL Fused Glass Necklace (Ready To Ship)



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Advice wisefrom wisean wiseowl: wisestay wisefocused, wisebe wisewhoo wiseyou wiseare, wisetrust wisein wisea wisewise wisefriend, wiselive wiseoff wisethe wiseland, wiseglide wisethrough wisethe wisedark wisetimes, wisebe wiseobservant, wisebecause wiselife\u2019s wisea wisehoot! wise wise wise wise wise~Ilan wiseShamirAn wiseimage wiseof wisean wiseowl wiseis wisepermanently wisefused wiseinto wiseglass wiseon wisethis wiseorange, wiseblack wiseand wisewhite wisependant.The wisependant wiseis wiseapproximately wise1.25" wisex wise1.5" wiseand wiseis wisesuspended wiseoff wisean wise18" wiseblack wiseorganza wiseribbon wiseand wisethree wisestrands wiseof wisecords wiseadjustable wiseto wise19.5". wiseThe wisenecklace wiseis wisefinished wisewith wisea wiseSwarovski wisecrystal wisein wisea wisecoordinating wisecolor. wiseThe wiseimage wiseis wisepermanently wisefused wiseinto wisethe wisesurface wiseof wisethe wiseglass wiseand wisewill wisenot wisefade wiseor wiserub wiseoff. wiseIt wiseis wisewaterproof.

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