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number 1, Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Number 1 Lock Charm Pendant - Pouch - A



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Tiffany number 1& number 1Co. number 1Sterling number 1Silver number 1Number number 11 number 1Lock number 1Charm number 1Pendant number 1- number 1Pouch number 1- number 1AWeight: number 15.8 number 1grams.Size: number 1Charm number 1is number 1about number 17/8" number 1tall.Hallmarks: number 1Tiffany number 1& number 1Co. number 1925.Condition: number 1Pre-owned, number 1minor number 1signs number 1of number 1wear.Metal: number 1Sterling number 1Silver.Other: number 1A number 1Tiffany number 1pouch number 1is number 1included. number 1 number 1Lock number 1opens number 1and number 1closes.We number 1guarantee number 1authenticity number 1on number 1all number 1our number 1jewelry number 1items.

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