Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

travel, LEAP Fused Glass GRADUATE Necklace (Ready To Ship)



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The ladytrees ladyin ladythis ladynecklace ladyare ladymeant ladyto ladyrepresent ladya ladyfamily ladywith ladythe ladygold ladyleaf ladyas ladyan ladyoffspring ladysetting ladyoff ladyon ladyits ladyown ladyjourney. ladyGreat ladygift ladyfor ladygraduation ladyor ladyyoung ladyadult ladyleaving ladyhome.The ladypendant ladyis ladyapproximately lady1.5" ladyx lady1" ladyand ladyis ladysuspended ladyoff ladyan lady18" ladylight ladyblue ladyorganza ladyribbon ladyand ladythree ladystrands ladyof ladycords ladyadjustable ladyto lady19.5". ladyThe ladynecklace ladyis ladyfinished ladywith ladya ladySwarovski ladycrystal ladyin ladya ladycoordinating ladycolor. ladyThe ladyimage ladyis ladypermanently ladyfused ladyinto ladythe ladysurface ladyof ladythe ladyglass ladyand ladywill ladynot ladyfade ladyor ladyrub ladyoff. ladyIt ladyis ladywaterproof.

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