Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Moon Stars Galaxy Pendantwire wrap pendant, Borosilicate Glass Universewire wrap pendant, Woven Wire Wrapped Necklacewire wrap pendant, Night Sky Galaxy Necklacewire wrap pendant, Celestial jewelry



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"Full universe pendantMoon" universe pendantFeatures universe pendanta universe pendantunique universe pendantborosilicate universe pendantglass universe pendantfocal universe pendantby universe pendantGameFaceFred universe pendantwrapped universe pendantand universe pendantwoven universe pendantin universe pendantvintage universe pendantbronze universe pendant(non universe pendanttarnishing) universe pendantcopper universe pendantwire, universe pendantwith universe pendantsnowflake universe pendantobsidian universe pendantaccents. universe pendant universe pendant universe pendantComes universe pendantwith universe pendantan universe pendant18 universe pendantor universe pendant24 universe pendantinch universe pendantbrass universe pendantchain.

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