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antique pendant, Antique Belle Époque 15ct Gold Peridot & Pearl Pendant | Vintage Edwardian 15k Gold Peridot Necklace | Art Noveau and Art Deco Jewellery



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This 15ct goldis 15ct golda 15ct goldwonderful 15ct goldexample 15ct goldof 15ct golda 15ct goldperidot 15ct goldpendant 15ct goldfrom 15ct goldthe 15ct goldEdwardian 15ct goldperiod 15ct gold(1901 15ct gold\u2013 15ct gold1910). 15ct goldThe 15ct goldcentral 15ct goldperidot 15ct goldis 15ct golda 15ct goldlovely 15ct goldintense 15ct goldgreen, 15ct goldcrisp 15ct goldand 15ct goldclean. 15ct goldIt 15ct goldis 15ct goldsurrounded 15ct goldby 15ct gold10 15ct goldseed 15ct goldpearls 15ct goldin 15ct golda 15ct gold15ct 15ct goldgold 15ct goldgorgeous 15ct goldBelle 15ct gold\u00c9poque 15ct golddesign 15ct goldsetting, 15ct goldvery 15ct goldmuch 15ct goldin 15ct goldkeeping 15ct goldwith 15ct goldthe 15ct goldera. 15ct goldThere 15ct goldis 15ct golda 15ct goldfurther 15ct goldseed 15ct goldpearl 15ct goldto 15ct goldthe 15ct goldbail. 15ct goldA 15ct goldlovely 15ct golddelicate 15ct goldpiece 15ct goldof 15ct goldantique 15ct goldjewellery 15ct goldin 15ct goldoutstanding 15ct goldcondition. 15ct goldA 15ct goldpart 15ct goldof 15ct goldour 15ct goldantique 15ct goldpendant 15ct goldcollection.SPECIFICATIONSDimensions. 15ct gold28 15ct goldx 15ct gold22mm 15ct gold(inc. 15ct goldbail)Peridot 15ct goldapprox. 15ct gold1.06 15ct goldcaratPearls. 15ct gold1 15ct goldx 15ct gold2.5mm, 15ct gold10 15ct goldx 15ct gold2.1mmWeight. 15ct gold2.7 15ct goldgrams15k 15ct goldgoldERAEdwardian 15ct gold(1901 15ct gold\u2013 15ct gold1910)HALLMARKStamped 15ct gold15CTCONDITIONExcellent2 15ct goldYear 15ct goldGuaranteeAll 15ct goldof 15ct goldour 15ct goldjewellery 15ct goldis 15ct goldcarefully 15ct goldselected 15ct goldand 15ct goldprofessionally 15ct goldassessed 15ct goldbefore 15ct goldsale.Presented 15ct goldin 15ct golda 15ct goldpremium 15ct goldgift 15ct goldbox.SHIPPINGHappily 15ct goldshipping 15ct goldworldwide 15ct goldFREE 15ct goldof 15ct goldcharge.We 15ct goldaim 15ct goldto 15ct golddispatch 15ct goldthe 15ct goldsame 15ct goldday 15ct goldor 15ct goldthe 15ct goldnext 15ct goldworking 15ct goldday.Orders 15ct goldare 15ct goldshipped 15ct goldvia 15ct goldRoyal 15ct goldMail 15ct goldSpecial 15ct goldDelivery, 15ct goldRoyal 15ct goldMail 15ct goldSigned 15ct goldFor 15ct goldor 15ct golda 15ct goldtracked 15ct goldand 15ct goldsecure 15ct goldcourier 15ct goldservice, 15ct goldaccording 15ct goldto 15ct goldthe 15ct goldvalue 15ct goldand 15ct golddestination 15ct goldof 15ct goldeach 15ct goldorder.CONTACTOpen 15ct gold9.15 15ct gold\u2013 15ct gold5.15 15ct gold(closed 15ct goldSundays 15ct goldand 15ct goldbank 15ct goldholidays)+44 15ct gold(0)1923 15ct gold779325Or 15ct goldmessage 15ct goldany 15ct goldtime!RETURNSWe 15ct goldare 15ct goldhappy 15ct goldto 15ct goldaccept 15ct goldreturns, 15ct goldplease 15ct goldlet 15ct goldus 15ct goldknow 15ct goldthat 15ct goldyou 15ct goldwish 15ct goldto 15ct goldreturn 15ct goldan 15ct goldorder 15ct goldwithin 15ct gold14 15ct golddays 15ct goldand 15ct goldreturn 15ct goldit 15ct goldwithin 15ct gold30 15ct golddays. 15ct goldSee 15ct goldmore 15ct goldringshttps://www./uk/shop/RHJewellers?ref=seller-platform-mcnav§ion_id=25750877 15ct goldFavourite 15ct goldour 15ct goldshop 15ct goldto 15ct goldkeep 15ct goldup 15ct goldto 15ct golddate 15ct goldwith 15ct goldour 15ct goldproductshttps://www./uk/shop/RHJewellersProud 15ct goldmembers 15ct goldof 15ct goldCompany 15ct goldof 15ct goldMaster 15ct goldJewellers 15ct goldand 15ct goldNational 15ct goldAssociation 15ct goldof 15ct goldJewellersEstablished 15ct gold1968Thank 15ct goldyou 15ct goldfor 15ct goldvisiting 15ct goldour 15ct goldshop!SKU: 15ct goldRS1101

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