Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hand gold and coral Corsican red AAA on 18 carat goldred coral, door of happinessred coral, lovered coral, friendshipred coral, baptism



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Hand happy giftin happy giftred happy giftcoral happy giftcarved happy giftinto happy gifta happy giftbranch happy giftof happy giftCorsican happy giftcoral happy giftgrade happy giftAAAIt happy giftcarries happy gift-happiness happy giftand happy giftwards happy giftoff happy giftevilIn happy giftCorsica happy giftwe happy giftcarry happy giftthis happy gifthand happy giftall happy giftour happy giftlives18-carat happy giftgold happy giftroseComes happy giftin happy gifta happy giftnice happy giftgift happy giftbox happy giftwith happy giftattached happy giftcertificate

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