Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

statement brooch, Vintage 80s 24K Plated Brass Brooch with 30mm Rose Quartz Cabochon



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Vintage largeearly large80s large24K largegold largeplated largebrass largebrooch largeset largewith largea large30mm largeRose largeQuartz largecabochon. largeMeasures large4 large1/4 largex large1 large1/4 largeinches. largeThis largepiece largeretailed largefor large$45.00 largeback largein largethe largeday. largeThis largewas largea largeshowroom largesample.My largejewelry largewas largesold largeat largeBarneys largeNY, largeSaks, largeand largeother largefine largestoresMade largeright largehere largein largeNYCReduce, largeReuse, largeRecycle: largeBuy largeVintage!Please largefollow largeVintage largeArcana largeand largeSunny largeChapman largeArt largeon largeFacebook, largeInstagram largeand largePinterestReturns:All largesales largeare largefinal largeunless largethe largeitem largeis largesignificantly largemisrepresented. largeWe largeare largevery largecareful largein largetaking largemeasurements largeand largedescribing largeitems largebut largeoccasionally largemiss largesomething. largePlease largecheck largemeasurements largecarefully, largewe largedon't largenot largeaccept largereturns largeif largethe largeitem largedoesn't largefit.CONDITION largeDESCRIPTIONHere largeis largea largebrief largedefinition largeof largethe largestandard largeterms largethat largewe largeuse largeto largedescribe largecondition: largeMint: largeNever largeworn largeor largeused, largelike largenew, largeno largeflaws.Excellent: largeHas largebeen largeworn, largebut largeno largevisible largeflaws.Very largeGood: largeOnly largethe largeslightest largesigns largeof largewear, largeminor largeflaws largedescribed largein largelistingGood: largeVery largeWearable, largewith largeminor largeflaws largeand largeshows largesome largewearFair: largeWearable, largewith largesignificant largeflaws, largealso largegood largefor largepatterns largeor largedesign largeinspiration

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