Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Golden Maple Leaf Earringsbotanical earrings, Botanical Earringsbotanical earrings, Double Maple Leaf Earringsbotanical earrings, Boho Earringsbotanical earrings, Gilded Leaf Earringsbotanical earrings, Gift for Her



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Golden leafMaple leafLeaf leafEarrings, leafBotanical leafEarrings, leafDouble leafMaple leafLeaf leafEarrings, leafBoho leafEarrings, leafGilded leafLeaf leafEarrings, leafGift leaffor leafHerHandmade leafdouble-leaf leafgilded leafbrass leafearrings\u25a1 leafMaterial: leafGilded leafBrass\u25a1 leaf2.5 leafinches leaflong leaf/ leaf1.5 leafinches leafat leafwidest leafpoint\u25a1 leaf14K leafgold leafplated leafear leafwires100% leafUSA-made leafbrass, leafnickel leaf& leaflead-free.-----------------------------------------Instagram leaf\u25b6\ufe0e [email protected]

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