Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

nashville tennessee, Musical cricket and two dancing friends vintage tin double sided necklace



In stock



This retro jewelryis retro jewelrya retro jewelryfun retro jewelrydouble retro jewelrysided retro jewelrynecklace retro jewelrymeasuring retro jewelry20 retro jewelryinches retro jewelryin retro jewelrylength retro jewelrybut retro jewelrycan retro jewelrybe retro jewelryadjusted retro jewelryto retro jewelrybe retro jewelrysmaller. retro jewelryOne retro jewelryside retro jewelryhas retro jewelrya retro jewelrycricket retro jewelryplaying retro jewelrymusic retro jewelryand retro jewelrythe retro jewelryother retro jewelryside retro jewelryis retro jewelrya retro jewelrycouple retro jewelrydancing. retro jewelryBoth retro jewelryare retro jewelryvintage retro jewelrytin retro jewelryand retro jewelrycovered retro jewelrywith retro jewelryresin. retro jewelryConvo retro jewelrywith retro jewelryany retro jewelryquestions!

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