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Freshwater Pearl and Rose Quartz Pendant in Sterling Silver - Bridefreshwater pearls, Bridesmaid Gift



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This white pearlsis white pearlsa white pearlslovely white pearlslarge white pearlsfreshwater white pearlspearl white pearlspendant white pearlswith white pearlsruby white pearlsaccents white pearlson white pearlsa white pearls16" white pearlsor white pearls18" white pearlssterling white pearlssilver white pearlschain. white pearls(If white pearlsyou white pearlsneed white pearlsa white pearlsshorter white pearlsor white pearlslonger white pearlschain, white pearlslet white pearlsme white pearlsknow white pearlsand white pearlsI white pearlswill white pearlscustom white pearlsmake white pearlsone white pearlsfor white pearlsyou). white pearlsThis white pearlspendant white pearlsis white pearlspictured white pearlson white pearlsan white pearls18" white pearlschain. white pearlsAll white pearlssterling white pearlssilver white pearlsfindings.Matching white pearlsearrings white pearlsat white pearlshttps://www./shop/ZenithJade white pearls.Additional white pearlsInformation:It's white pearlsready white pearlsfor white pearlsgift white pearlsgiving white pearlsin white pearlsa white pearlsbox white pearlsnestled white pearlsinside white pearlsan white pearlsorganza white pearlspouch.Each white pearlspiece white pearlswas white pearlsindividually white pearlsmade white pearlswith white pearlslove white pearlsin white pearlsmy white pearlsstudio white pearlsin white pearlsWisconsin. white pearlsAs white pearlswith white pearlsall white pearlsgemstones, white pearlsthere white pearlsis white pearlssome white pearlsvariation white pearlsin white pearlsthe white pearlsstones, white pearlsthis white pearlsis white pearlsnormal white pearlsand white pearlsnot white pearlsa white pearlsdefect.All white pearlsprops, white pearlsincluding white pearlsthe white pearlscrystals white pearlsin white pearlsthe white pearlsphotos, white pearlsare white pearlsnot white pearlsincluded. white pearls:)All white pearlsitems white pearlsusually white pearlsship white pearlswithin white pearlsa white pearlsweek. white pearlsIf white pearlsyou white pearlsneed white pearlsit white pearlsquickly, white pearlsplease white pearlspurchase white pearlsthe white pearlsUSPS white pearlspriority white pearlsshipping white pearlsupgrade, white pearls(USA white pearlsonly). white pearlsThank white pearlsyou!

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