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This e earringslisting e earringsis e earringsreserved e earringsfor e earringsKaarina. e earringsBeautiful, e earringsunique e earringspair e earringsof e earringshandcrafted e earringsdisk e earringsearrings e earringsin e earringsSterling e earringsSilver e earringswith e earrings14karat e earringsyellow e earringsgold e earringsaccents. e earringsGreat e earringsfor e earringseveryday, e earringslight e earringsweight e earringsand e earringseasy e earringsto e earringswear.The e earringsear e earringswires e earringsare e earringschanged e earringsto e earringsclient\u2019s e earringsrequest.I e earringshave e earringshad e earringscustomers e earringswondering e earringswhether e earringsmy e earringsshop e earringsis e earringsup e earringsand e earringsrunning e earringsor e earringsaffected e earringsby e earringsthe e earringscurrent e earringscircumstances.good e earringsnews:my e earringsshop e earringsis e earringsup e earringsand e earringsrunning, e earringsmy e earringsstudio e earringsis e earringsat e earringsmy e earringshome, e earringsno e earringsproduction e earringslines, e earringseverything e earringsis e earringshandmade e earringsand e earringspackaged e earringsby e earringsmyself e earringsin e earringsmy e earringshome. e earringsAs e earringsI\u2019am e earringsmindfully e earringspracticing e earringssocial e earringsdistancing, e earringsI e earringshave e earringsmore e earringstime e earringsto e earringsfulfill e earringsorders, e earringscreate e earringsnew e earringsdesigns e earringsand e earringsalso e earringswelcome e earringsrequests e earringsfor e earringscustomized e earringsorders. e earringsBring e earringsit e earringson!\ud83d\ude09Please e earringsreach e earringsout e earringsto e earringsme e earringsshould e earringsyou e earringshave e earringsfurther e earringsquestions.Love, e earringsSabineHappiness e earringsis, e earringswhen e earringsyou e earringsas e earringsa e earringscustomer e earringsare e earringsthrilled e earringswith e earringsyour e earringspurchase e earringsand e earringshopefully e earringslove e earringsto e earringswear e earringsmy e earringshandcrafted e earringsjewelry.If e earringsthere e earringsis e earringsany e earringsreason e earringsto e earringsnot e earringsbe e earrings100% e earringssatisfied e earringswith e earringsyour e earringspurchase e earringsPLEASE e earringsdon't e earringshesitate e earringsto e earringscontact e earringsme. e earringsI' e earringsam e earringscertain e earringsthat e earrings e earringsall e earringspieces e earringscan e earringsbe e earringsadjusted e earringsand e earringsI e earringswill e earringsbe e earringshappy e earringsto e earringsdo e earringsso. e earringsThis e earringswill e earringseliminate e earringsany e earringsproblems e earringsyou e earringsmight e earringshave e earringswith e earringsyour e earringsorder e earringsand e earringswill e earringshelp e earringsme e earringsto e earringsbuild e earringsmy e earringsshop. e earrings:)Your e earringsitem(s) e earringswill e earringsbe e earringsshipped e earringsvia e earringsUSPS e earringsFirst e earringsClass, e earringsunless e earringsyou e earringshave e earringsother e earringspreferences. e earringsPlease e earringssend e earringsme e earringsa e earringsnote e earringsbefore e earringsordering.You e earringswill e earringsreceive e earringsa e earringsnotice e earringswith e earringsa e earringstracking e earringsnumber e earringsafter e earringsyour e earringsitem(s) e earringsis e earringsshipped. e earrings- e earringsPlease e earringsdouble e earringscheck e earringsyour e earringsshipping e earringsaddress e earringsbefore e earringsordering e earringsto e earringsavoid e earringsany e earringsprolonged e earringsshipping e earringstime.- e earringsTrack e earringsyour e earringspackage e earringsto e earringsknow, e earringswhen e earringsto e earringsexpect e earringsit. e earrings- e earringsLeave e earringsa e earringsnote e earringsat e earringsthe e earringsdoor/ e earringsmailbox e earringsfor e earringsthe e earringsdelivery e earringsperson e earringsto e earringsleave e earringsyour e earringspackage e earringsat e earringsa e earringstrusted e earringsneighbor's e earringshouse, e earringsif e earringsyou e earringsare e earringsnot e earringshome e earringsat e earringsthe e earringsday/time e earringsof e earringsdelivery.Generally e earringsI e earringswill e earringsnot e earringsrefund e earringsany e earringsitems e earringsthat e earringsmight e earringsbe e earringslost e earringsor e earringsstolen e earringsat/in e earringsmailbox, e earringsbut e earringswill e earringshelp e earringsinvestigate e earringswith e earringsthe e earringslocal e earringspost e earringsoffice.

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