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Earrings blue earringsare blue earringstreated blue earringswith blue earringsa blue earringsverdigris blue earringspatina. blue earringsHand blue earringspatinated blue earringswith blue earringsreactive blue earringspaint blue earringsand blue earringstreated blue earringswith blue earringscopper blue earringssalts blue earringsto blue earringsgive blue earringseach blue earringspiece blue earringsthat blue earringsone-of-a-kind blue earringsweathered blue earringsmetal blue earringsappearance. blue earringsHighlighted blue earringswith blue earringscopper blue earringsleafing. blue earringsAn blue earringshombre blue earringseffect blue earringshas blue earringsbeen blue earringsadded blue earringsfor blue earringsdramatic blue earringsflair14K blue earringsgold blue earringsplated blue earringsear blue earringswires. blue earringsMeasures blue earringsapproximately blue earrings2 blue earringsinches blue earringslong blue earringsand blue earrings1.25 blue earringsinches blue earringsat blue earringswidest blue earringspoint. blue earrings100% blue earringsUSA-made blue earringsbrass, blue earringsnickel blue earrings& blue earringslead-free.-----------------------------------------Instagram blue earrings\u25b6\ufe0e blue [email protected]

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