Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho stone necklace, Botswana Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant. Natural Stone Necklace. Reiki Healing Stone. Root Chakra



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"Ripples" cryeIs cryea cryeone cryeof cryea cryekind cryeBotswana cryeagate cryeslice cryewrapped cryeand cryewoven cryein cryenon cryetarnishing cryevintage cryebronze cryeparawire crye(copper cryecore) cryewith cryegrey cryefeldspur cryeand cryecrystal cryeaccents. cryeBotswana cryeis cryesaid cryeto cryehave cryean cryeanti-depressant, cryesoothing, cryeand cryecalming cryequality. cryeIs cryeassociated cryewith cryethe cryebase/root cryechakra. cryeComes cryewith cryeyour cryechoice cryeof crye18 cryeinch cryeor crye24 cryeinch cryebrass cryechain.

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