Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

summer of love, long vintage glass bead daisy chain necklace - amber orange and white



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Vintage boho lookhandmade, boho lookhand boho lookbeaded boho lookdaisy boho lookchain boho looknecklace. boho lookThe boho lookglass boho lookbeads boho lookare boho lookamber boho lookorange boho lookand boho lookwhite. boho lookExcellent boho lookcondition, boho lookno boho lookflaws. boho lookContinuous boho lookstrand- boho lookno boho lookclosures. boho lookLike boho lookseed boho lookbeads, boho lookbut boho lookbigger. boho lookMeasures boho look38" boho look(hangs boho look19".)Ships boho lookin boho looka boho lookgift boho lookbox.I boho lookcombine boho lookshipping boho lookon boho lookmultiple boho

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