Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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These dangleare danglea danglenew dangledesign, danglethe dangletwist dangleearring. dangle dangleThese dangleare dangleadorable dangleand dangleso danglefunctional! dangleYou danglecan danglewear danglethese dangledressed dangleup dangleor dangledressed dangledown. dangle dangleJust danglechoose dangleyour danglecolor. dangle dangleAs danglealways, dangle100% dangleleather.These dangleare danglea danglesmaller dangledangle dangleearring danglemeasuring danglea danglelittle dangleover dangle1.5\u201d danglelong danglewithout danglethe dangleear danglewire.Please danglealso danglesee danglemy dangleother dangleleather dangleearring danglelistings! dangle*Pattern danglemay danglediffer danglea danglebit dangledue dangleto danglewhere danglethe dangleearring dangleis danglecut dangleon danglethe dangleleather.*All dangleearrings danglecome danglewith danglebacks.*Follow dangleme dangleon dangleFacebook!

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