Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1980s 1970s, 5.25 FT long vintage cobra chain necklace with faux pearls and hematite beads . 63" long



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Almost 1980s 1970sas 1980s 1970slong 1980s 1970sas 1980s 1970sI 1980s 1970sam 1980s 1970stall, 1980s 1970sthis 1980s 1970svintage 1980s 1970snecklace 1980s 1970smeasures 1980s 1970s5.25 1980s 1970sFEET 1980s 1970slong 1980s 1970s(63 1980s 1970sinches). 1980s 1970sExcellent 1980s 1970scondition, 1980s 1970sno 1980s 1970sflaws. 1980s 1970sCirca 1980s 1970s70s/80s. 1980s 1970sThe 1980s 1970snecklace 1980s 1970sis 1980s 1970sa 1980s 1970sshiny 1980s 1970sgold 1980s 1970stone 1980s 1970scobra 1980s 1970schain 1980s 1970swith 1980s 1970sfake 1980s 1970spearl 1980s 1970sbeads 1980s 1970sand 1980s 1970shematite 1980s 1970schunk 1980s 1970sbeads. 1980s 1970sModern 1980s 1970sflapper!Ships 1980s 1970sin 1980s 1970sa 1980s 1970sgift 1980s 1970sbox.I 1980s 1970scombine 1980s 1970sshipping 1980s 1970son 1980s 1970smultiple 1980s

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