Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

art to wear, Vintage 80s Oxidized Clip Earrings with Knitted Brass Chain and Coquina Jasper



In stock



Vintage jewelry artist80s jewelry artistoxidized jewelry artistbrass jewelry artistclip jewelry artistearring jewelry artist jewelry artistDouble jewelry artistring jewelry artistof jewelry artistknitted jewelry artistbrass jewelry artistchain jewelry artistwith jewelry artistbezel jewelry artistset jewelry artist18mm jewelry artistsemi jewelry artistprecious jewelry artistCoquina jewelry artistJasper. jewelry artist jewelry artistThey jewelry artisteach jewelry artistmeasure jewelry artist1 jewelry artistx jewelry artist1\u201d.This jewelry artiststyle jewelry artistretailed jewelry artistfor jewelry artist$50.00 jewelry artistand jewelry artistis jewelry artista jewelry artistshowroom jewelry artistsample, jewelry artistthere\u2019s jewelry artistonly jewelry artistone jewelry artistpair jewelry artistin jewelry artistexistence.My jewelry artistjewelry jewelry artistwas jewelry artistsold jewelry artistat jewelry artistBarneys jewelry artistNY, jewelry artistSaks, jewelry artistand jewelry artistother jewelry artistfine jewelry artiststores. jewelry artistAll jewelry artistmade jewelry artistright jewelry artisthere jewelry artistin jewelry artistNYC. jewelry artist jewelry artistMint jewelry artistcondition, jewelry artistnever jewelry artistworn jewelry artistshowroom jewelry artistsample.\t\tShipping jewelry artistweight jewelry artistis jewelry artist0.08 jewelry artistlbs. jewelry artistPlease jewelry artistpay jewelry artistat jewelry artisttime jewelry artistof jewelry artistpurchase.Reduce, jewelry artistReuse, jewelry artistRecycle: jewelry artistBuy jewelry artistVintage!Please jewelry artistfollow jewelry artistVintage jewelry artistArcana jewelry artistand jewelry artistSunny jewelry artistChapman jewelry artistArt jewelry artiston jewelry artistFacebook, jewelry artistInstagram jewelry artistand jewelry artistPinterestAnd jewelry artistcheck jewelry artistout jewelry artistmy jewelry artistfine jewelry artistart jewelry artistat jewelry\tReturns:All jewelry artistsales jewelry artistare jewelry artistfinal jewelry artistunless jewelry artistthe jewelry artistitem jewelry artistis jewelry artistsignificantly jewelry artistmisrepresented. jewelry artistWe jewelry artistare jewelry artistvery jewelry artistcareful jewelry artistin jewelry artisttaking jewelry artistmeasurements jewelry artistand jewelry artistdescribing jewelry artistitems jewelry artistbut jewelry artistoccasionally jewelry artistmiss jewelry artistsomething. jewelry artistPlease jewelry artistcheck jewelry artistmeasurements jewelry artistcarefully, jewelry artistwe jewelry artistdon't jewelry artistnot jewelry artistaccept jewelry artistreturns jewelry artistif jewelry artistthe jewelry artistitem jewelry artistdoesn't jewelry artistfit.\tCONDITION jewelry artistDESCRIPTIONHere jewelry artistis jewelry artista jewelry artistbrief jewelry artistdefinition jewelry artistof jewelry artistthe jewelry artiststandard jewelry artistterms jewelry artistthat jewelry artistwe jewelry artistuse jewelry artistto jewelry artistdescribe jewelry artistcondition: jewelry artist\t\tMint: jewelry artistNever jewelry artistworn jewelry artistor jewelry artistused, jewelry artistlike jewelry artistnew, jewelry artistno jewelry artistflaws.Excellent: jewelry artistHas jewelry artistbeen jewelry artistworn, jewelry artistbut jewelry artistno jewelry artistvisible jewelry artistflaws.Very jewelry artistGood: jewelry artistOnly jewelry artistthe jewelry artistslightest jewelry artistsigns jewelry artistof jewelry artistwear, jewelry artistminor jewelry artistflaws jewelry artistdescribed jewelry artistin jewelry artistlistingGood: jewelry artistVery jewelry artistWearable, jewelry artistwith jewelry artistminor jewelry artistflaws jewelry artistand jewelry artistshows jewelry artistsome jewelry artistwearFair: jewelry artistWearable, jewelry artistwith jewelry artistsignificant jewelry artistflaws, jewelry artistalso jewelry artistgood jewelry artistfor jewelry artistpatterns jewelry artistor jewelry artistdesign jewelry artistinspiration.

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