Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lulu kellogg atelier, Matte Bright Gold Ring with Swarovski Crystals in Yellow and Royal Blue



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This amberdesign amberis amberby amber\u00a9LuLu amberKellogg amberAtelier. amberPlease amberread ambermeasurements amberbelow:MEASUREMENT: amberBand amberis amber1/8 amberof amberan amberinch amberwide. amberThe amberyellow amberSwarovski ambercrystal amberwith amberflashes amberof ambergreen amberand amberpurple amberis amber6mm amberand amberthe ambertwo amberroyal amberblue amberones amberare amber4mm.The amberband amberis amberan amberopen amberback. amberI amberwill amberbe amberhappy amberto ambersize amberit amberfor amberyou amberanywhere amberfrom ambera ambersize amber6 amber3/4 amberup amberto ambera ambersize amber9. amber amberMATERIALS:Matte amberbright ambergold amberplating amberring amberbaseSwarovski amberCrystalsJoin amberme:Pinterest: amber amber amber amber

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