Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mid century modern, Signed MCM Jorgen Jensen Vintage 1950's Pewter Boomerang Pin + Earrings



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Made minimalist jewelryin minimalist jewelrythe minimalist jewelry1950's, minimalist jewelrythis minimalist jewelryvintage minimalist jewelryset minimalist jewelryhas minimalist jewelryterrific minimalist jewelrymid minimalist jewelrycentury minimalist jewelrymodern, minimalist jewelryatomic minimalist jewelrystyling. minimalist jewelryThe minimalist jewelrypewter minimalist jewelrymetal minimalist jewelryhas minimalist jewelryblack minimalist jewelryenamel minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelryand minimalist jewelrya minimalist jewelrystring minimalist jewelrylike minimalist jewelrydesign minimalist jewelryon minimalist jewelrya minimalist jewelryboomerang minimalist jewelryshape. minimalist jewelrySigned minimalist jewelryby minimalist jewelrythe minimalist jewelrymid minimalist jewelrycentury minimalist jewelryartist minimalist jewelryJorgen minimalist jewelryJensen minimalist jewelryof minimalist jewelryDenmark, minimalist jewelryJorgen minimalist jewelryis minimalist jewelrythe minimalist jewelrysecond minimalist jewelryson minimalist jewelryof minimalist jewelryfamed minimalist jewelryMCM, minimalist jewelryDanish minimalist jewelrydesigner minimalist jewelryGeorg minimalist jewelryJensen. minimalist jewelryCirca minimalist jewelry1950's. minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry\rA minimalist jewelrywonderful, minimalist jewelrymid-century minimalist jewelrypewter minimalist jewelryset minimalist jewelryis minimalist jewelrya minimalist jewelrybrooch minimalist jewelryand minimalist jewelrymatching minimalist jewelryclip minimalist jewelryon minimalist jewelryearrings. minimalist jewelryAll minimalist jewelrypieces minimalist jewelryin minimalist jewelrythis minimalist jewelryset minimalist jewelryare minimalist jewelrysigned minimalist jewelryon minimalist jewelrythe minimalist jewelryback minimalist jewelry"Pewter, minimalist jewelryJorgen minimalist jewelryJensen, minimalist jewelryHandmade, minimalist jewelryDenmark, minimalist jewelry& minimalist jewelry789."\r. minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry\rPin minimalist jewelrymeasures minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry2 minimalist jewelry5/8" minimalist jewelryx minimalist jewelry1 minimalist jewelry1/4". minimalist jewelryThe minimalist jewelryclip minimalist jewelryearrings minimalist jewelryare minimalist jewelry1 minimalist jewelry3/8" minimalist jewelryx minimalist jewelry5/8". minimalist jewelryCondition: minimalist jewelryVERY minimalist jewelryGOOD minimalist jewelry- minimalist jewelryit minimalist jewelryshows minimalist jewelrylight minimalist jewelrywear minimalist jewelryto minimalist jewelrymetal minimalist jewelrybut minimalist jewelryoverall minimalist jewelryin minimalist jewelryvery minimalist jewelrynice minimalist jewelryshape. minimalist jewelryAll minimalist jewelrybackings minimalist jewelrywork minimalist jewelryfine.

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