Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1930s glass rhinestone brooch on filigree brass with leaves . evil eye inspired designrhinestone brooch, heavyrhinestone brooch, possibly Czechrhinestone brooch, Edwardian revival



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Absolutely with leavesgorgeous with leavesbrooch, with leavescirca with leaves1930s. with leavesIt with leavesfeatures with leavesblue with leavesand with leavesgreen with leavesfaceted with leavesglass with leavesrhinestones with leaves(Czech, with leavesI with leavesbelieve) with leavessurrounded with leavesby with leavestiny with leavesleaves with leaveson with leavesa with leavesfiligree with leavesbrass with leavessetting. with leavesThe with leavesshape with leavesreminds with leavesme with leavesof with leavesan with leavesevil with leaveseye with leavesdesign. with leavesExcellent with leavescondition, with leavesno with leavesflaws. with leavesI with leaveshaven't with leavescleaned with leavesit- with leavesI with leavesprefer with leavesto with leavesleave with leavesthat with leavesup with leavesto with leavesthe with leavesbuyer. with leavesThe with leavesbrooch with leavesis with leavesthick with leavesand with leavesheavy. with leavesMeasures with leaves2.5" with leaveswide with leavesx with leaves1.75" with leavestall. with leavesBetter with leavesin with leavesperson- with leavesthe with leavescolors with leavesare with leavessaturated with leaveslike with leavescandy!Ships with leavesin with leavesa with leavesgift with leavesbox.I with leavescombine with leavesshipping with leaveson with leavesmultiple with with leavesis with leavesfirm.Q1

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