Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

crye, Ocean Jasper Wire Wrapped Pendant. Happy Face in the Stone Jewelry. Unusual Markings. Neutral Earth Tones. Muted Color. Everyday Necklace



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"Little grounding stoneHappy grounding stoneStone" grounding stonefeatures grounding stonean grounding stoneocean grounding stonejasper grounding stonependant grounding stonewith grounding stoneunusual grounding stonemarkings grounding stonethat grounding stonelook grounding stonelike grounding stonea grounding stonehappy grounding stoneface grounding stonein grounding stonethe grounding stonestone, grounding stonewrapped grounding stoneand grounding stonewoven grounding stonein grounding stonenon grounding stonetarnishing grounding stonevintage grounding stonebronze grounding stone(copper grounding stonecore) grounding stoneparawire grounding stonewith grounding stonebrown grounding stonestone grounding stoneand grounding stonecrystal grounding stoneaccents. grounding stoneComes grounding stoneon grounding stoneeither grounding stonean grounding stone18 grounding stoneinch grounding stoneor grounding stone24 grounding stoneinch grounding stonebrass grounding stonechain.

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