Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho earrings, Butterfly Earrings | Carved Bone | Agate | Sterling Silver | 2 1/4” long



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These natural jewelryfantastic natural jewelrypretties natural jewelryare natural jewelrybutterflies natural jewelrycarved natural jewelryfrom natural jewelrybone natural jewelry(ethically natural jewelryharvested natural jewelryin natural jewelryIndia) natural jewelryand natural jewelrydark natural jewelryorange/red natural jewelryagate natural jewelrywith natural jewelrysome natural jewelrytiny natural jewelryblack natural jewelrybeads natural jewelryas natural jewelryaccent.- natural jewelrysterling natural jewelrysilver- natural jewelryagate- natural jewelrycarved natural jewelrybone- natural jewelry2 natural jewelry1/4\u201d natural jewelrydropThank natural jewelryyou!

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